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I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is a great honour to be captaining Leighton Buzzard 1st Team for the up and coming 2018/2019 season. Having moved to LBRFC as a colt I have thoroughly enjoyed playing rugby at Wright’s Meadow and joining the senior squad at 17. I feel I have well and truly risen through the ranks, and to become captain 8 years later, is a real honour.

Having looked up to and admired my predecessors I will strive to do the best I can for the club and it’s players.

We will be competing once again in East Midlands 1, a league which is both challenging and enjoyable for us. Having many highs last year but sadly more lows as we ended the season in a relegation battle, the whole squad are looking forward to performing at a higher standard this year and finishing in the top half of the table. With young players gaining more confidence combined with our depth of experience I believe we have a capable and winning formula.

This is our 2nd year with head coach Tom Mowbray, who having joined the club last year has changed a lot since starting. Players are now familiar with his coaching style and expectations during training and match play which will further enhance the cohesion between players and the coaching team. Along side Tom we welcome Graham Magill and David Chapman who have a wealth of experience both on and off the pitch and I know the players look forward to working with them both.

As ever, we are always welcoming new players of all ability’s, 2nd and 3rd teams have regular games every Saturday and for those interested it is an opportunity to push for 1st team shirts. Moving forward the more bodies at training will mean an increased competition for shirts and therefore a higher standard of rugby. Please don’t hesitate to contact the club or myself if you are interested, new players will always be welcomed as the involvement of ‘new blood’ will ensure progression and succession. Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm-9pm with Touch rugby on Wednesdays.

I cannot wait to get stuck into the new season and hope it’s a success for all at Leighton Buzzard, Look forward to seeing you all on the sideline or on the pitch.

Jack Whitehouse


League Appearances 2019-20Total AppearancesTotal League Appearances
Adebayo Damilola112019
Bevan Ross119184
Bloxham Matt111716
Brett James114341
Burns Russell1111
Dumpleton Ben1111
Fiske Felix1133
Forsythe Owen114846
Gronert Oliver111313
Irwin Euan11222207
Murtagh Jacob114543
Perry Arran116161
Sayer Harrison112423
Stacey Adam112019
Tift Zac11146138
Whitehouse Jack11144137
Wiggins Ed113027
Adams George001515
Adams Joe0096
Albertella David002921
Allam Peter0075
Alred James0011
Andrew Ryan00110100
Andrew Sean00147
Anstee Nick0099
Aris Andy0010
Austerberry Sean0055
Barker Jacob004038
Baroux Dan00263237
Batchelor Dan009078
Batchelor Will001615
Bateman Chris0055
Bateman Chris0010
Bates Marcus005443
Beattie Craig004942
Beattie Gavin0022
Beaumont Ben004848
Beer Chris00116
Beer Richard0018284
Billin John00127
Blyth Matt0020
Boyd Kerry001917
Braithwaite Conrad0065
Braithwaite Raef001110
Brandreth Dave0033
Branwhite Geoff00127122
Braybrook Darren005352
Brazier Matt001716
Brearly Diccon0031
Brookes Alex0010
Brooks Nathan00107
Brown Jack007363
Bulmer Kevin00117
Burns Dave005629
Burrough James008074
Byard Tom007370
Carne Adrian00280132
Carter Michael0077
Cato Mike0010952
Champ Andy00109
Chapman Dave0020
Chapman Wayne0010795
Charter Harry0043
Clancy Gareth0010
Cohen Russell00118103
Collins Gerard0043
Connolly Sam0011
Cook Anthony0010
Cootes Harry001212
Crotters Gary0011
Cummins Jordan002424
Davey Jacob002020
David Dan00120117
Doig Cameron0020
Draper James0022
Dyer Phil0064
Easter Adam001010
Eaton Ryan0044
Ellam Pete009340
Ellwood Phil0010
Elsam Chris0010
Emond Mark0032
Esdon Charlie001313
Evans Karl003938
Falcon Greg009489
Fayers-Hallin Craig003925
Forbes Chris0055
Foster Robert002421
Franklin Dave0032
Franks Chris0022
Fraser Patrick002323
Fraser Ryan00138123
Friday Ben001311
Fripp Chris00373245
Gardner Lee0066
Garland Owen0010
Geoghegan Nick0077
Gibbons Chris001044
Gibbs Tom002019
Glover Jarrod0011
Golding Richard004421
Gravestock Paul001111
Graydon Richard009995
Green Jack0022
Greenway Paul001010
Gurney James002825
Hamper Tom0088
Hanson Dave0010489
Harris Chris0052
Harris-Smith Andrew001312
Harris-Smith Reece005553
Hastings Kristian003634
Hawkins Frank008176
Hayward Corey004434
Healy Stephan0074
Heatley Sean00411221
Heeds Chris0020
Henderson Will0042
Henkes Jon005754
Hewitt Dave0010
Hodges Jake0066
Hogden Pete0010
Holmes Calum002321
Howe Greg0010
Howell Chris003221
Hughes Callum0022
Hughes Steve0021
Ilic John0010
Ilic Luke002219
Irvine Ben00417178
Irwin Stuart007460
Janes Sam001715
Jarvis Will0011
Jenkins Andy00121112
Johnson Ben0054
Jones Lewis005940
Jones Matt008068
Jones Tommy0087
Kately Simon0063
Keating Rod00351140
Kempster Jack001413
King Chad0076
King Tom00189106
Kitchen Phil0030
Kitchener Ellis0043
Lackey Adam001414
Langhorn Stuart00188163
Larmen Martin0010
Latimer Danny0011
Lawrence Joe0054
Lazarous Ian0010
Leahy Paddy002817
LeRoux Leandre0021
Lingard Mark002424
Litherland Justin001614
Low Gary00165138
Lynch Mike007373
Magill Graham00109100
Male Howard0063
Maple Chris0053
Marshall Jordan003937
Martin James00179
Mason Andy008974
Mason Barry0011
Mason Pete0011
McGarvey John0055
McHugh Giles001710
Merrick Matt0010
Messum George001111
Messum Wills004848
Micans Andy00193124
Micans Jack008675
Miller Paul0085
Moffat Bruce00115
Morgan Huw0044
Morgan James0088
Mortimer Ollie002421
Mowbray Tom002929
Mundin Simon0063
Nangle Dario0065
Nash Billy002322
Naudi Pete00155
Neal James00170131
Neal Spencer0030
Norman Jake0022
Overton Tom0033
Oyston Dan001311
Oyston Steve0022
Pacey Sam002927
Parias Alessandro001616
Parker Mike0076
Payne Ed009484
Payne Reece0043
Pearson Dan002423
Penwell Mark008541
Perry Carl00189145
Perry Kieran004435
Perry Neil003726
Pollitt-Evans Scott0022
Porter John0085
Pratt James002019
Pratt Tom0099
Pritchard Alex001310
Pritchard Robert001410
Purr Andy005925
Quail Jonathon0043
Ratcliffe Ed00134127
Rayfield Mark0020
Rayner Neal0014587
Reeder Matt0011
Richbell Sam002727
Rickaby Tom0022
Robert Mike006259
Round Matt0031
Rowe Chris0066
Rualt James003212
Sanders George0077
Savage Ben0021
Screech Andy0031
Sear Richard0013470
Seddon Chris0010
Senior Paul0010
Siddon Carl00393272
Siddon Leigh00106
Silvester Ben002318
Smedly Pete002515
Smith Chris0052
Smith Ian007130
Snowden Danny0033
Spencer James0022
Stacey Matt0054
Stanbridge Luke004343
Stanger Alex001816
Stewart Chris0010
Stirling Rob009159
Styles Andrew0044
Summerfield Neal00221122
Swann Elliot003838
Talbot Will002314
Taylor Ed006359
Taylor Gavin00148135
Taylor Oliver00177166
Thomas Gareth0010
Thomas Ieaun0011
Thompson Rory002222
Tiddy Liam00144117
Tift Ryan0055
Tingey Steve00194111
Tooley Andy0041
Turner Tom0054
Turney Alban00414225
Turney Keiran001613
Turney Nick00196179
Vanpouille Timothee0054
Vincent Matt002419
Walker Craig004335
Walker Lee004141
Wallis Dave0031
Walsh Ashley006058
Walshaw Paul00176
Ward Gareth004236
Ward James004544
Ward Mark003325
Warner Chris002219
Waterfield Tom0011
Webb Stuart007757
Webster Mark007733
Westwell Anthony0055
Wheeler Jake006352
Wheeler Keir0011
White Peter007371
Wild Graham001116
Wilkes Paul003727
Wilkes Steve004030
Williams Keri00158
Wilson Anthony0022
Wilson Jodie009165
Wilson Stuart00217166
Winterburn Joe0022
Wise Neil0010
Wood Chris0022
Wray John00221122
Wright Paul006129
Yirrell Berry001612
Yirrell Bert00127111
Yirrell Harry0063


NameTriesConvsPensDrop GoalsPoints  
Brett James02107
Murtagh Jacob10005
Perry Arran10005
Wiggins Ed10005